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At Morgan Jones Funeral Home the funeral service is an important ritual that affords us an opportunity to say "good bye" to our loved one and come to closure. 

It provides for the respectful care of the deceased and of equal importance, it helps survivors face the reality of death - a big step in overcoming grief. A funeral also allows friends and relatives to have an opportunity to express their love and respect for someone who was a part of their lives. Just seeing how much others care can be a tremendous help to a family in adjusting to the loss of a loved one. 

While facing the death of a loved one may be difficult, most of us realize it is an inevitable part of life; much like many other passages of life such as birth, weddings and retirement.

The funeral service selected should reflect the wishes of the deceased and the family. 

Although most traditional services include several elements such as:

  1. Professional Service
  2. Transportation
  3. Embalming & other preparation
  4. Facilities for visitation
  5. Funeral ceremony
  6. Funeral coach
  7. Casket
  8. Flowers, music, clergy
  9. Burial plot
  10. Other services and associated items


There are other types of services that may be the choice of your loved one, such as cremation, graveside service or shipping to another location. 

With loving concern, our professional staff can assist you in handling all the details to provide the type of service desired to commemorate the life of your loved one.