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Alice Roney was born December 8, 1947, in Urbana, Illinois and peacefully passed away March 7, 2017, in Roseville, California surrounded by her dutiful and loving cousins. Alice was the only child born to her parents Wilkin and Fannie M. Freeman, who preceded her in death. Alice spent an idyllic childhood and adolescence learning to play tuneful melodies on the piano; and preparing to perform ballet. Alice learned the charm and grace that is associated with the Peacock women and grew into a young woman with strong convictions. That conviction gave her the confidence to move away from home to college. She attended Tennessee State College before receiving a degree in Human Resources from American River College, Sacramento, California. She expanded her knowledge by taking legal and computer software development courses. Alice’s journey from Tennessee to California was deeply thoughtful. She was drawn to her Aunt Shirley during her childhood and moved to live with her in 1973, shortly after her Aunt Shirley’s husband passed. Alice was a devoted companion to her aunt and assisted in helping to raise her younger cousins. Alice was a great communicator and connected with friends by phone and through social media. Faith and worship were important to Alice and shall be remembered by the Valley Redemptive Church family that she adored. Alice was also a sports fan and enjoyed watching the Chicago Bulls and the University of Illinois Champaign’s teams. Alice naturally enjoyed music and primarily listened to gospel and jazz. Alice fell in love and married Robert Earl Roney in September 1994. Robert left a circle of “Family and Friends” that include sister-in-law’s Gaye Graham, Venita Roney, and Sheila Moe; and brother-in-law’s, Lonzell Roney and Franklin Roney. She will be deeply missed by her aunt Jesslyn Peacock, Joan Ellis (John) of Illinois, Uncle Jesse Peacock, of Memphis, Tennessee, cousins Latisha (Jose) Smith, Pasadena CA, Sheila (David) Taylor, El Paseo, Texas, Mitchell (Andrena) Stewart, Monica (Sammie) Curry, and Karen Stewart, Sacramento, CA, Andrea Stewart, San Diego, CA and Rodney Stewart, Chicago, IL., Renee (Andre) Stewart, Benicia CA, loving Peacock family from Chicago and Champaign/Urban IL. Alice will be sadly missed by her devoted companion, Earl Cooper, who showered her with loving acts of kindness and support; and a host of other relatives and friends.