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At Morgan Jones Funeral Home our Funeral Pre-planning  package is one of the most thoughtful ways to ensure peace of mind for loved ones. Making funeral arrangements at the time of loss is very difficult. When funeral arrangements and even payment is made in advance, most decisions have already been made alleviating uncertainty and confusion at a time when emotional stress can make decision making difficult.

There are many advantages to pre-planning a funeral. The main advantages are:

  • Relieves loved ones of needless concern
  • Reflects your expressed wishes
  • Will not be a financial burdon on family
  • Provides peace of mind

Most of us plan for the major aspects of our lives - our careers, weddings, having a family, vacations and retirements. We also plan for events that "might" happen, such as fire, floods, earthquakes and accidents - why not plan for one of life's inevitable events?

There are four ways most families provide for a funeral:

Burial Insurance - intended to cover cost of funeral and living expenses. An advantage is monthly premium payments are affordable and once the policy is over two years old, the policy will usually pay the full face amount.

Savings - may or may not be adequate for funeral as a long-term illness may have depleted the funds. If Medicare is involved, the amount allowed in a savings account is quite limited and may not be adequate.

Friends and Family - puts an unexpected financial burden on those you love. Survivors may be placed in an embarrassing position. Can also cause friction and dissention between loved ones. If forced to borrow, must repay causing a financial hardship.

Trust Account - an alternative to insurance that is safe and secure. The key difference is a trust only provides the amount put into it. Can be a good alternative if Medicare is challenging ownership of insurance or other assets.

Our able staff can assist you in planning all your funeral needs.

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